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LearnDash plugin for WordPress has created a smart solution for users who want to sell and manage online courses. Create certificates and badges, build advanced quizzes, or let learners choose their learning path by earning access with a point system.

Sell content as a bundle, subscription, or one class at a time. The system also offers detailed reports, group management tools, and mobile compatibility. WordPress is well-known in the business world. Over 74 million sites rely on it. There are over 29, WordPress plugins available. LearnDash provides another layer of functionality by giving users a way to create, manage, and distribute educational content with a number of WordPress supported features.

LearnDash puts together an impressive collection of features. It manages to hold its own among standalone learning management systems. Users who install the LearnDash plugin will find:. Users can add structure to their learning material through multi-tiered courses.

Add categories to make classes easier to find. Multiple lessons can be applied to each course with multiple topics. Quizzes can also be assigned to different levels, including courses lessons, or topics. Plan to deliver content a set number of days after enrollment or on a specific calendar date.

Create a guided learning experience by gradually introducing new lessons and topics. Quizzes help users track their progress and knowledge retention. Users can build quizzes with advanced settings. Eight question types are available including multiple choice, single answer, sorting, free text, matching, essay, survey, and fill-in-the-blanks.

Apply quiz timers and use question banks. Custom messages can also be displayed based on quiz results. Timers can also be applied to lessons. Users can set timers that force learners to slow down and spend more time on certain content. Once the timer hits zero, the user will have access to the next lesson. This prevents learners from skipping too far ahead. Provide a place for learners to interact with dynamic forums. Users can create forums for specific courses with options to limit participation and enrollment.

Create a community of users working through the same lessons or with shared interests and training goals. The LearnDash Gradebook automatically syncs with assignments and quiz results. Users can manually submit grades or work with offline grading. Scores can be weighted and report cards can be generated to let users see how they are performing in each course.

User Registration – LearnDash

Create a learning path by adding prerequisites to courses. Assign content that must be completed before the user can move on to the next class. The system can be setup to allow the learner to choose their path or to let the user create a sequence that must be followed. LearnDash takes a practical approach to gamification. Learners can earn points for completing courses. Once they reach a set number of points, they can unlock the next course or courses to continue their educational journey.Uncanny LP takes the lessons learned over years of building custom WordPress LMS platforms for clients and puts them into a single, easy-to-use package that includes documentation, hosting, maintenance and support.

With Uncanny LP, you can skip the frustration of trying to find a reliable developer and investing months in designing and building a custom platform. Focus instead on building your business. Sometimes you need something that is custom-built specifically for the way your business operates. We can do almost anything with WordPress. We know LearnDash really, really well. We have dozens of live WordPress LMS platforms plus a repository of frameworks and plugins to make it easy.

Keep up the good work! They were my 3rd design team for this project and I only wish I had found them first! Their commitment, innovation, advice, patience and support have been outstanding. I look forward to a long-term partnership with them for the future.

View Plugins. A hosted WordPress learning platform powered by LearnDash. Fully supported and ready-to-go. Learn More. Uncanny Owl helps businesses deliver effective training online. Custom WordPress LMS platforms Sometimes you need something that is custom-built specifically for the way your business operates.

Mike Brown The Blogging Buddha. Bob Sweeney English in 30 Minutes. Trusted partner for business-critical LearnDash websites. We make elearning easy and effective. We create advanced WordPress plugins and learning platforms for businesses large and small.

Pin It on Pinterest.Reports are a valuable tool to track progress and performance of your students. Tracking learner progress allows you to gain insights into your student development over time and take actions to improve your eLearning success.

Being able to analyze the reports on your learning programs is an important feature for every LearnDash administrator. With the Users Insights LMS reporting tools you can now explore metrics, such as how your student base is growing over time, how active they are and how they perform on the quizzes.

The active students report shows how many students have been active over time. The student activity is charted on a time scale, so you can explore the student activity for the last several days, weeks, months and years.

Students are considered as active when they start or finish a course, topic, lesson or a quiz. For example, if a user signs in and completes a lesson, this student will be counted as active for the day. This report can be a good way to find how engaged your users are with the content of your learning management system.

The Course enrolments report can show you how many courses have been started by the students overtime. This report can be used as an indication of how your LearnDash student base is growing over time.

Similarly to the active students report, you can explore the course enrolments for the last several days, weeks, months or years. If one student starts multiple courses in a day, each enrolment will be counted separately.

The top courses report shows a chart of the most popular courses based on the number of students per course. By default the report is generated based on the number of students that have ever enrolled in the course, regardless of whether they have completed it or not.

However you can also filter the report by the status of the courses. In this way, you can see which your top completed courses are. Or you can see which courses have a high number of students that still have the course in progress.

This report can be another indication of how engaging your courses are. For example, highly engaging courses will have a higher percentage of students who have completed it versus the ones that are still in progress. If you are using the LearnDash groups feature, you can use the top groups report to find the most popular groups based on the number of students. By default the report shows the top 8 most popular groups in a bar chart. This LMS report can be useful in various ways, depending on how your system works.

The quiz attempts report is a pie chart report showing how many attempts your users need in order to complete a quiz. For example, it can show you how many students have passed a quiz from the first time or how many students took the quiz multiple times before passing it. By default, the chart shows the overall quiz attempts for all of the existing quizzes.User Registration LearnDash add-on allows users to view their registered LearnDash courses, course processes, expiry date, etc.

Also, It allows admin to automatically enroll users to specified LearnDash courses. Now, you can enroll your users in the Learndash Courses by creating a custom Learndash registration form.

In the Form Settings, a LearnDash Tab is added where you can select the courses, you want the registered users to get enrolled to.

This will automatically enroll the users in the courses selected by the admin.

learndash account

Here, they can easily view their profile, registered courses, course progress, and the expiry date of the courses. Begin typing your search term above and press enter to search.

Press ESC to cancel. How to show account profile? How to? How to view all user registered profile For admins How to export user data How to edit user registration template files such as login form? How to Redirect to a Specific Page after Logout? How to add extra information of the users in admin overview users tab How to change redirect URL after login?

How to add a Registration Link in login form? How to Conditionally Assign User Roles? Troubleshooting Emails are not being delivered? Why is my Profile Details Page empty? Unusual Tabbing Order in Form?

learndash account

Lost Password Page Not Found? After the successful purchase, you will get the plugin zip file under your WPEverest account page. Now, you can download the plugin zip file from there.

learndash account

Now you are ready to use this add-on for your site. Was this article helpful to you? Yes 1 No 2. How can we help? WPEverest Blog Contact. Search for: Begin typing your search term above and press enter to search.

Back To Top.Have you ever wondered how to create an online course with WordPress? If so, this LearnDash tutorial is for you. If you're familiar with WordPress then you already know how awesome it is as a content management system.

You probably already know it's possible to extend the functionality from managing web content to a full-blown learning management system or LMS.

Firstly, if you're not familiar with what an LMS isit's software that enables you to create an online course along with the management of your users. Often, LMS software is set-up to allow registrations and enrollments, manage login information, and many other tasks needed to run online training. There are multiple types of learning management systems including self-hosted or cloud LMS solutions.

That means you'll download and install it to your hosting account within WordPress and it will add the functionality you need to run an online course right from your website. I purchased the LearnDash single license download and installed it on a domain name.

It was installed on a SiteGround hosting account which is an inexpensive account. I was able to get everything up and running to walk you through this tutorial with no problems. Try LearnDash.

learndash account

You'll need a theme in addition to the functionality of LearnDash in order to create anything resembling a course. I installed the Astra free theme for the screenshots you'll see here. LearnDash also suggests a few paid themes. The two I kept seeing mentioned are Elumine and the Social Learner theme. There are several others on the LearnDash recommended theme list.

In addition, LearnDash says their plugin works with almost any modern theme. The other thing that became pretty clear after installing LearnDash is if you already have a site with WordPress running on it, you don't want to upload this plugin to it. That way you can use a different theme for your course as you do for the rest of your site. Then I'd upload the LearnDash plugin there. LearnDash has its own set of features and it will make things a lot less complicated to run it somewhere else.

You won't have to worry about whether your current theme and settings work well for your online course pages if you put LearnDash on a subdomain. I already spent a lot of time on the Business Bolts theme and don't want to have to change it to accommodate LearnDash. For this part of the tutorial, I'll walk you around what you can create with LearnDash.

As you'll notice, I didn't spend a lot of time customizing my LearnDash theme. I think it's better to show you what it will look like as near to unpacking it as possible. There were a few things I did to get it to look like this. As mentioned, I installed the Astra free theme. That was really all I did. If you're using LearnDash plan to spend some time making the course look more professional than what I did, but that's time you only have to spend once.

With a little effort, you can make LearnDash courses look great. I've only added in a very small amount to this course, but it gives you an idea of how LearnDash courses are set-up. The lessons are shown at the bottom of the body area of the main course page as well as in the sidebar since I configured it that way. There's also a progress bar that shows how far along in the course your learner is I didn't complete anything yet which is why the progress bar is blank.While other LearnDash users can use the shortcodes listed in the Course and Certificate sections, please note that all shortcodes in the Group Shortcodes section require our Uncanny LearnDash Groups plugin on sites that are not using our LP product.

Are there any known issues that may be causing this or should I submit a support ticket? Hey Spencer, mine were broken too.

My issue was I had pasted the quotes in and they were curly quotes. Delete and retype them and it might fix your problem. Is there a shortcode to be used in user page to show progress deails of each course, like for example each lesson, topic and so on. There is currently no front-end management of assignments available in LearnDash or in any of our plugins.

It is possible to hide elements of the LearnDash profile by using css. Many thanks to the CSS code! I have this plugin purchased by my client and when I click to Edit profile it took me error page. What is the shortcode for profile details edit page like the demo link below. Please reach out to LearnDash support to see if they can help you out. Hello is there a way to reorganize the Lesson Status list that is shown on the course page?

Hope you guys can help me with that. Sounds like a conflict with the theme. Your email address will not be published.

Basic LearnDash Overview

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Learndash Shortcodes. You can use this shortcode on any page. This page is only auto-generated if you activate the plugin after WooCommerce is installed and active.

Does not block content for Admins. By default the button text will be Group Management. You can set the button text using the text attribute. Example: shows average points scored across all quizzes on the course. Was this article helpful?Websites using LearnDash Groups, rejoice! The 3. Just drill down into courses, click, and progress is updated automatically. It works for courses, lessons, topics and quizzes. If courses and lessons have associated lessons, topics and quizzes beneath them, those get automatically completed too.

To use the new tool you must, of course, have the Uncanny LearnDash Groups plugin installed and activated. Why manually create the page when other pages in the plugin are created automatically?

We made that decision because a lot of LearnDash admins might not want their Group Leaders having this level of control. Once the shortcode is in place, you can map the page in your Uncanny Groups Settings page and decide whether you want the view to be read-only for Group Leaders or whether you want them to be able to edit learner progress. Once the page is mapped in the Settings page, a new Progress button will be added to the Group Management page automatically! Group Leaders can now track course progress, report on quizzes, manage assignments, manage essay questions, and now edit LearnDash progress—all in the front end.

Once the Manage Learner Progress page is up, Group Leaders and admins can find users easily by searching by first name, last name or email address. Once records have populated for a user, the Group Leader or admin can check or uncheck records to mark them as complete or incomplete.

For courses and lessons, you may wonder why we force the user to confirm the change before the system loops through and marks associated posts as complete or incomplete. Yes, there is! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Is there a way for the group leader to be able to print or download the users certificates?

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